Bridge Building

Our videos have been uploaded, so take a look at the link in the previous post to see what we discovered!

This week we designed blueprints individually, then combined all the ideas into a master plan.  There was a lot of discussion and debate, and many good reasons supporting each person’s opinions.  We have come up with a list of materials that we need.  Please take a look at home to see if you can help by donating/lending any of the following materials.

Necessary Supplies

thin plywood sheets (2-3 cm thick and 80-100 cm and around 70 cm long)

rope (3 pieces, at least 3.5 m long each)

nuts and bolts

wooden cylinders/dowelling (the thicker the better, at least 70 cm tall)


Back up materials

other scraps of wood


wood glue






adjustable wrench

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