Class blog

The students are very excited to have their own class blog, where they can log in themselves.  Here is the link to our new class blog!

We will be using it as another space to share our learning, and a way to give students practice writing for an authentic audience (their classmates and parents).  Today students had the opportunity to respond to a science question I posted.  (Some are planning to do it for homework tonight.)  Once we have had some practice commenting respectfully we will move on to writing posts.  I am excited and I know the students are too!

Grade Two Math Games

The Grade Twos in Division 7 and 8 are learning about numbers to 100.  If you are looking for some educational games to help reinforce what we are learning at school, here are my top picks.

We have been practicing counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s.  This connect the dot game lets you choose what number you would like to count by, while this one is just by ones up to 100.

We’ve also been looking at patterns on the hundreds chart.  This game lets you fill in missing numbers (choose the 1-100 chart).  If you feel like more of a challenge, in this game you have to find fireworks hidden in the chart, but the numbers aren’t shown.  Count down the tens column then on by ones to find what you are looking for.

Soon we will be talking about the value of numbers, and how to show them as groups of tens and ones.  This game lets you build numbers using base ten blocks just like the ones we have at school.  We will also be comparing numbers, although we only use the equal sign and unequal sign, not the greater than (>) and less than (<) signs.  If you’d like to play this racing game, think about the two signs as greedy birds, they always open their beaks to the bigger number.  Choose level one for numbers to 100.

One last site, Figure This! had math challenges for families.  They cover a wide range of topics, and are designed to be talked about and solved together.  Hope this inspires you to have some math fun!

Summer Fun Ideas

I can’t believe we are almost halfway through the summer!  I just finished my courses last week, and I have so many ideas I am looking forward to trying out next year.  My drama course was especially inspiring, and I’m excited to bring more drama into my classroom.  But, now it is time to shift my thinking to start getting ready for our trip to Africa.  I have made some lists, and there is lots to do still to get ready!

Meanwhile, this site has some great ideas for educational summer fun if you are looking for something new to do.

Make your own silly stories!

We love doing silly stories (aka Mad Libs) in class.  It’s a great way to fill a few spare minutes, we get to practice parts of speech, plus it’s just fun!

I discovered a site which has some games where you can fill in your own silly stories online.  Scroll down to the bottom, there are a few options under MadLibs Junior.  Look at my silly Jack and the Beanstalk story!